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Body Care for the Boys

Man in Shower

Ilan here taking over this week’s blog! Normally my wife, Deena, writes our blog content, but this week I wanted to come on here and connect with you on bath and body care from the male perspective.

To be honest, I am not the shopper in our family. Deena always does our grocery and product shopping. Since I wasn’t the one looking at ingredient labels or making the purchasing decisions, it took me a little longer to read through product labels and understand which ingredients I was not comfortable using. My wife, however, was constantly telling me about ingredients, the lack of regulation in our country and how I had to replace certain products. There was once a situation with a body spray I was using. Deena urged me to throw it out, and let’s just say one day it went “missing.” Deena didn’t want me to continue using it because of the synthetic fragrance among other ingredients. In hindsight, I can’t believe I used for so long.

It wasn’t until I watched a documentary when I really understood how harmful the chemicals can be in the products we use. The documentary, STINK (can be watched on Amazon Prime), goes into great depth on the lack of regulation that exists in the personal care industry. Just like when Deena discovered this concerning issue in the personal care industry, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated with what I was watching.

This was really the catalyst that caused me to become more conscious about what I was using. I subsequently began looking into clean & more conscious retailers in the industry. What I found was that many Green Beauty retailers cater to women who prefer high end luxury skincare and makeup brands. Their target customer is the female demographic, presumably between the ages of 25-45. Moreover, many of their social media advertisements are focused on makeup product categories, which men are less inclined to purchase. I find this somewhat surprising. Shouldn’t clean products be for both men and women?

Everyone should do things to take care of their body and be kind to themselves. At The Bath Well, we want to focus on accessibility and inclusivity. If you’re a male and looking for recommendations on specific bath and body products, feel free to hit me up at

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