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Brand Spotlight: Basd Body Care

We thought it would be fun to dig a little deeper into each of our brands with a Brand Spotlight blog series. I love connecting with indie brands, learning more about their stories and the inspiration behind their product lines. Basd Body Care was one of the first brands we wanted to add to The Bath Well after we were blown away by how great their products smell and how amazing they felt on our skin. 

Founders Ashley Meston & Phil Lebeau both had a background in the wellness industry before starting Basd Body Care. They were inspired by the people in their lives and their passion for connecting consumers to “better for you products”. They wanted to create a body care line to care for skin without compromising on quality and scent. For them, Basd is more than a line of products. They set out to create a brand that nourishes all bodies and inspires people to love and accept themselves. We chatted with Ashley and Phil to learn more about their brand:


Where did the name Basd originate from?

The name basd is a play off of plant-based and ethically based products but really it’s about an attitude. If you urban dictionary the word “based” it means this confidence in yourself and not needing anyone else's approval. You don’t care what someone else thinks, you’re basd. We really wanted you to feel like you could be you, and be unapologetic about it.

What does clean/green/non-toxic beauty mean to you?  
Being clean and green and non-toxic means you are prepared to act as a leader and stand behind your products. It means you are putting the health and safety of consumers first and are committed to being genuine, true and actually striving for something that people can be proud to put on their skin. It doesn’t have to mean you are perfect or an evangelist, but it does mean you are striving for something more than what is expected.

How do you develop such amazing scents?
Pure luck…well kind of. Each scent we introduce must pass a test, do Phil and I like it?. Once we get to a place where we are confident, we then ask other people to try and get some unbiased feedback, but sometimes we get lucky. Crème brulee was a happy accident by Phil. We were testing two different scents, one on each hand and Phil accidentally rubbed his hands together and voila, Crème Brulee was born!  But ultimately, we look at what would our customers want, and develop based on how we believe someone might feel using a Basd product.

How do you choose and source your ingredients?

For us it follows a few rules, is it plant-based, is it purposeful, does it have benefits? We fell in love with certain ingredients like aloe vera and caffeine because of the incredible benefits to the skin, but we are always looking for other items. In terms of sourcing we work with a manufacturer to help with the majority of the items but some stuff like coffee in our body scrub are sourced from a Vancouver coffee brand.

What inspires you to develop new scents?

It starts with our internal teams talking about a feeling, how we want a consumer to feel, or something we feel is missing. We then buy essential oils, mix them, and smell them until we get something we feel passionate about.

What do you feel distinguishes you from other brands?

It is easy to differentiate from a traditional brand because of how clean we are (in the “green beauty” space, we are sneaky clean in comparison), but we are also delivering products that not only perform like a big brand but smell amazing! With Basd you get ethics and aesthetics you are looking for. Top that off with an unapologetic stance on equality, respect and transparency.

We love carrying Basd body care on our site not only because their products smell and feel amazing, but because they share our values of transparency, using safe ingredients and inspiring people to treat their bodies well. You can shop their collection of products here!

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