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Brand Spotlight: Jusu Body

Next up in our Brand Spotlight series, we are diving deep into one of our most unique brands: Jusu Body. We were immediately drawn to this brand's unique juice-infused formulas, clean ingredients and refreshing scents. We chatted with  Jusu Body's master formulator, Karen Van Dyck to learn more about this amazing line for body care
How did Jusu Body become what it is today? Jusu Body was an idea that grew out of Jusu Bar, the organic juice bar started by Bruce Mullen in 2014. His inspiration came from a personal tragedy and he set out on a clear mission; to inspire and motivate people in his community to take health and wellness into their own hands. Jusu Bar offers clean, nutritious food in the form of 100% organic juices and Jusu Body was launched into a full line of natural bath, hair care and skincare products.
Where did the idea for juice infused body products originate? Realizing the pulp (considered a waste product in the juice bar), was a goldmine of nutrition and possibility Bruce started Jusu Body in 2016 to continue the mission to bring health to people by creating clean products for self-care and cosmetic needs. Juice inside and out; with an understanding that "Fresh is Best", and "What goes on, goes in". He worked with a herbalist and cosmetic formulator to develop a line of products that are clean and food grade.
What was the first product you developed?  The first products developed in Jusu Body were body lotions, bar soaps, body scrubs and lip balms - all made with 100% organic cold-pressed juice pulp and plant-based ingredients. We use 100% food-grade, organic ingredients in Jusu Body products, so they’re naturally rich in key vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
What does clean/green/non-toxic mean to you? For us, it means using ingredients that are naturally sourced, whole molecule, food grade and non-toxic to the environment. Manufacturing processes are considered and none of the ingredients in Jusu Body products are environmental toxins. We stand behind our commitment to provide healthy, food grade products people are excited about, that go beyond the belief that because something is natural means it doesn’t work as well. We make products our customers are excited about and wholeheartedly believe if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. 
How do you come up with the scents for the products? We wanted scents that were different from one another to match the colour of the organic juice pulp being used. The scents are formulated by our Master Formulator/Herbalist/Perfumer and the essential oils are chosen for their unique therapeutic properties. Ginger Citrus offers an uplifting + anti-inflammatory experience, Eucalyptus Mint is designed to be cooling, sharpening for your mind and we chose Vanilla Peppermint for it’s alluring and refreshing combination. Our Vanilla being a natural aphrodisiac promotes relaxation and (plant-sourced vanillin made from cloves) three contrasting, 100% natural scents made without synthetics. as well as for their appeal as a characteristic blend. We do not use "Fragrance" or "Parfum” in our products since these are almost always toxic, synthetic chemicals under disguise.  
How do you choose and source your ingredients?  Our ingredients are researched and chosen with these guidelines: natural whole molecule, one-step extraction, biodegradable and food grade. We source many local ingredients like seaweed, honey, clays and shea butter (in partnership with a local company), plus we also grow and harvest some of our herbs. Since they are made from food, they carry expiry dates  non-cumulative and they are scented with 100% pure essential oils. No compromise/safe for you and the environment. 
What do you feel distinguishes you from other brands? Two distinguishing factors separate us from everyone else: we use our own organic juice pulp extracts in our products and we do not use patented molecules (Cosmeceutical actives), choosing instead to harness the power of natural ingredients only. We also go deep in our research to make sure that there is no environmental toxicity when products are washed down the drain. We do not test on animals. We peel back the manufacturing process of any naturally processed ingredients to make sure that there is no toxicity in their creation, for the people or the environment. 
Are there any new body products or scents in the works? We’re constantly cooking up new things in the Jusu kitchen. We have a vegan makeup line in the R&D phase, made with fruit and vegetable pigments, a Sport Line (also vegan!) featuring a lovely forest herbal blend in addition to a Hemp Face line in the works.

Have you tried Jusu Body products yet? They have quickly become a customer favorite! If you need help narrowing down their amazing scents, shoot us an email at

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