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Traveling Soon? These are Some of My Non-Toxic Travel Must-Haves

With every airline having extra fees for checked bags, I have become an expert at packing light. But that doesn’t mean I skimp on the products I'm bringing. I love to pack items that can multi-task and also reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals while traveling. Labor Day Weekend is such a great time to travel, but with the airports being so busy, I will not mess around with checking a bag. While we’ll be staying in Chicago this weekend, we traveled last week to the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC (See our top product picks from the Expo). I wanted to share some things I always make sure to pack in my bag: 

Body wash & Lotion: Even if I am going to a hotel where body products are available, I always bring my own. I have almost never found hotel products that live up to my non-toxic product standards, so coming prepared is the best option for me. It’s also less wasteful to bring your own bottles than using the disposable ones at a hotel. I’ll throw in a hydrating body wash that can double as a shaving cream (or even bubble bath) and lotions that are going to keep my skin hydrated even after the longest flights. Once my trip is over, I save these bottles and refill them as needed. Did you know that we are now carrying travel sizes of Jusu Body lotion and body wash? They are perfect to bring with you on a getaway and are a great way to try out the product before committing to the larger size.

Hand wash & Hand sanitizer: These are a must especially on our recent trip to NYC where our agenda basically alternated between eating at so many amazing restaurants and being on the subway. Conventional Hand Washes and Sanitizers are filled with ingredients like Triclosan or Synthetic Fragrance. There’s no reason to expose your body to those chemicals over and over again when these sizes make it so easy to take with you on the go.

Makeup/Skincare: I have tried tons of green/non-toxic skincare and makeup over the past few years. In addition to bath and body products, I also love to chat about all things green beauty, so if you need honest opinions, I’m your girl! I am in no way affiliated with these brands, just a huge fan of their products. If I could only pick a few products these would definitely be in the mix: Skin Owl Moisture Whip (doubles as a mask and moisturizer), 100% Pure BB Cream (because an SPF always needs to be in the mix) and brow builder, Lily Lolo mascara (my all time favorite mascara) & Kosas creme blush/highlighter duo.

Non-toxic products that multitask are a must for me when traveling. Are you traveling this holiday weekend? What are your go-to travel products? Don't forget, there is still time to get 15% off your first purchase. Sign up for our newsletter before the end of August to get your code! Comment below or email us at

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